More Truth in Labeling

3:00 PM -- Those who delight in munching on songbirds need no longer fear being misled by unscrupulous tea-shop proprietors in the U.K. Today's Daily Mail has the story:

    Baker Val Temple was stunned when barmy bureaucrats forced her to rename her novelty Robin Tarts - because they don't contain the red breasted birds.

    Val was also told her popular Paradise Slice would have to be reclassified as it doesn't come from paradise.

    And her comical Pig Tarts have also been given the chop by over-zealous Trading Standards officials....they don't contain pork...

    One customer, James Marper, said: "It's complete madness. What are they going to ban next - spotted dick?"
Wait. Spotted dick's a misnomer? Don't tell me... toad-in-the-hole? I'm cancelling my trip.

For previous news of Nanny McPhoolish, see: Reptile-Free Bangers.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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