Mongolian Idol

2:00 PM -- A new pop-idol singing show has sparked a mania in the Middle Kingdom: The Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl Contest (don't ask), with an estimated viewing audience of 400 million (!), has now winnowed its competition from more than 120,000 hopefuls to just three finalists.

The show will reach its frenzied climax this Friday, as hundreds of millions of our future overlords tune in to see whether Li Yuchin, Zhang Lianying, or Zhou Bichang will be the next "Super Voice Girl."

Or will it be that frenzied? According to The Australian, the "Chinese broadcasting establishment" has been eyeing the contest suspiciously and threatening to pull the plug if it doesn't temper its "worldliness." It seems the show's parade of sex-object stereotypes ("from tomboy and pouting schoolgirl to babydoll and glamour queen") isn't sitting well with the guardians of China's "national cultural safety."

Frankly, Red Panda couldn't agree more. Supergirl isn't supposed to be worldly; she's otherworldly.

— Sour Yogurt Super Panda, Light Reading

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