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Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Gupshup.
Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Gupshup.

kq4ym 8/18/2017 | 11:07:50 AM
Re: Telco's challenge to OTT messaging If indeed we can come to a future where "you could just have a software program that could chat with you, right within the messaging app," that might be the way to go. But getting to that point might be harder than we imagine now. But, just imagine the benefits of doing most everything with a messaging app through chats.
scanlanavia 8/10/2017 | 6:13:19 AM
Re: Telco's challenge to OTT messaging Yes. I agree that Telcos indeed charge for MMS, despicable policy considering the free alternatives. To make matters worse the receiver of such MMS may have to login to an obscure portal to view the message. This is the practice of "V" yet in 2017. Another trick of Mr. Telco is converting a long SMS into an MMS unknownst to customer.. As a service MMS died as soon as it launched back in 2003-5. with it, Telcos should really have shut it down and refunded their customers for the shoddy effort. To be fair really 3GPP and its collaborators were responsible for the MMS fiasco. Could Volte go the same way? quite likely considering the free OTT voice and video alternatives....
GypsumFantastic 8/10/2017 | 5:15:27 AM
Re: Telco's challenge to OTT messaging And even now they still charge for MMS on a lot of plans even though the user can simply send the same message with attachment from the same device using OTT app.
Phil_Britt 8/9/2017 | 6:54:33 PM
Re: Telco's challenge to OTT messaging You're right that telcos tend to be slow to respond to this service, just as they are to other services and technology, Telcos have been stuck with "yesterday's thinking" for decades.
scanlanavia 8/9/2017 | 9:51:15 AM
Telco's challenge to OTT messaging The Telcos have had about 15 years by now to sort out their RCS service offerings with abject failure. I think Telcos were sort of hoping that OTT messaging will just disappear, while hugging on to the remainder if their dwindling SMS and ATP MMS revenues. No sympathy here for Telcos who think they can monetise everything...the new digital marketplace doesnt work like that it seems...right Mr. Telco?.. Had they offered free messaging from the outset rather than hideous charges Mr. Telco could still be the King today.....
Carol Wilson 8/8/2017 | 4:04:50 PM
Re: Interbot I think it's more like letting bots that are based on one platform talk to those based on another. So if you build your bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework and I build mine using Amazon Lex, they can talk to each other. 

But maybe they're still just setting up meetings, I dunno.

James_B_Crawshaw 8/8/2017 | 3:59:04 PM
Interbot Interbot tool lets bots speak to each other? Sounds interesting. Have your bot talk to my bot and we'll set up a meeting. 
alison diana 8/8/2017 | 3:49:55 PM
Messaging From a user's perspective you really want messaging apps that can communicate with other messaging apps, just as it doesn't matter whose phone 'line' you were on or whose wireless service you use. I do know that messaging apps are far more popular than texting with teens and outside the US, in part because text messaging is or was more expensive abroad. And teens like the ability to find their friends without that age-old 'what's your number' question. 

There are some verticals, as Sheth says, that really could use messaging if it's secure, can be searched and archived, etc., but rely on texting today. I'm thinking, for example, of healthcare. Many healthcare CIOs/CSOs do not want health professionals to use texting -- but they do, because it's fast. However, there are issues that a secure messaging service, perhaps from a telecom that's also delivering telehealth solutions, could provide along with cloud-based, five-nines cloud offerings.
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