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Verizon VoLTE Testing Spotted

Verizon Wireless also appears to be testing voice-over-LTE as it pulls together 4G network upgrades for 2014.

Sharp-eyed reader milan03 has spotted a VoLTE engineering menu on his Verizon variant of the Samsung Note 3.

This would fit with previous statements by Verizon executives. In April, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo said that the carrier's first VoLTE handset would arrive early in 2014. (See Verizon Promises Voice-Over-LTE in 2014.)

VoLTE could be just one of the updates that Big Red is planning for 2014. Verizon told Light Reading last week that it is "preparing" its network for LTE-Advanced features. No word from the carrier on timing yet. (See Verizon Gearing Up for LTE-Advanced Services?)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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milan03 1/1/2014 | 4:24:23 PM
Re: Great work, Milan03!/8)Mbit/s? Yeah with 150Mbps backhaul ~80Mbps is what AWS layer gets.

There seem to be a few NYC sites with a bit more backhaul, but AWS service still limited to ~100Mbps. I haven't experienced a single cell site in NYC with enough backhaul to support 75Mbps + 150Mbps for 700Mhz band + AWS. Hopefully they'll scale it up sooner rather than later...

DanJones 12/31/2013 | 2:08:55 PM
Re: Great work, Milan03!/8)Mbit/s? Seeking Alpha states that users are seeing speeds as high as 80Mbit/s w/ the AWS layered in in major markets, kinda fits with Milan's observations so far:

DanJones 12/29/2013 | 7:08:16 PM
Re: Great work, Milan03! They I think were trying to figure out if Apple could do it...
milan03 12/28/2013 | 12:45:51 AM
Re: Great work, Milan03! Not something users can do. Apple would have to do the proprietary work, and then file Class II permissive change. But if commercial VoLTE networks don't start appearing by the end of Q1 2014, they may as well just wait for the next iPhone iteration to include this feature.

With Note 3 the VoLTE framework appears to be in place, with all the server settings already loaded. Class II is all they need.
DanJones 12/27/2013 | 4:44:39 PM
Re: Great work, Milan03! Meanwhile people are trying to figure out if the Apple iPhone 5S can be configured to support VoLTE:

DanJones 12/27/2013 | 2:56:58 PM
Re: Great work, Milan03! Yeah, I don't know for sure but I would bet that some of the newest Android flagship phones are VoLTE compliant, even if the carriers and suppliers aren't saying yet.
milan03 12/27/2013 | 11:04:55 AM
Re: Great work, Milan03! Yeah I would assume so, just haven't tested that variant myself. AT&T is doing a good job deploying DAS in urban environment and their LTE coverage seems to be ready for VoLTE. A few months ago they quietly added a second 5Mhz LTE carrier in 1900Mhz here in New York City, that used to host their old GSM operations. So now they're running their regular 10Mhz FDD in 700Mhz B17, and 5Mhz FDD in the PCS. They also have two HSPA+ carriers in CLR and two in the PCS band for voice/data.

If anyone needs Carrier Aggregation, it's AT&T since they simply can't get to 20Mhz FDD any other way.
Sarah Thomas 12/27/2013 | 10:57:32 AM
Re: Great work, Milan03! AT&T sells the Note 3 too, so it's safe to assume that is its VoLTE-capable handset as well? It would make since why they aren't yet advertising it.
milan03 12/27/2013 | 10:55:56 AM
Re: Great work, Milan03! We still can't necessarily access and use the VoLTE service, but in the VoLTE menu all the servers, ports, etc are filled out with vzw proprietary settings which is a good thing. I think T-Mobile variant has this menu accessible as well, so even though Note 3 hasn't been advertised as VoLTE device, it fully is VoLTE compliant/ready.

I'd still like to see their backhaul dialed in on AWS layer before the SuperBowl and venture into the eMBMS...
Sarah Thomas 12/27/2013 | 10:30:55 AM
Re: AT&T hmm, not that I know of, or at least it hasn't publicized it. It said back in October it would before the end of the year though. Looks like it has 4 more days to meet that goal... I'll check in with them.
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