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Spark NZ Tests Virtualized VoLTE With OpenCloud

CAMBRIDGE, UK -- OpenCloud, the telecom software innovator, today announced that its Rhino Sentinel VoLTE Application Server was chosen by Spark New Zealand for the operators’ fast-paced virtualised VoLTE proof of concept.

The project went from concept on paper to a fully-functioning, fully-virtualised VoLTE, virtualised IMS, and NFV infrastructure in less than 14 weeks. It demonstrated a range of voice and video-calling services between VoLTE handsets, from VoLTE to SIP soft-clients, as well as communication with legacy devices to prove network convergence.

Spark’s project team included three vendor partners. Cisco Systems provided the virtualised network infrastructure, management and packet core functions and Metaswitch supplied the virtualised IMS functions. The virtualised VoLTE MMTel and SCC functions were delivered by OpenCloud Rhino Sentinel VoLTE.

In a pre-cursor to the project, OpenCloud demonstrated the potential and agility of virtualised VoLTE by making a “same-day” delivery of its VoLTE TAS with Metaswitch’s vIMS on an Amazon EC2 instance provided by Spark. The ease and low-cost at which new virtualised systems can be created enables many individuals, each with their own personal test network, to deploy, test and innovate faster. Enabling agility and DevOps with this technology greatly accelerates the journey to live deployment.

“We selected OpenCloud on the strength of their VoLTE proposition and their leading position in virtualised VoLTE. The speed and flexibility their platform affords us has been critical in the development of Spark’s new virtualised VoLTE solution” said Spark COO David Havercroft, adding “It’s great to work with a New Zealand born partner, and one that shares our passion for driving this technology forwards”.

“OpenCloud’s products are designed to enable agile evolution which has previously been a long-term barrier for telecoms operators” said OpenCloud VP Engineering, Director and co-founder David Long, “We are delighted to help leading operators such as Spark accelerate the pace of innovation to deliver further value to their customers. The transition to VoLTE is a prime opportunity for such transformation.” Earlier this year (20th February 2015) OpenCloud was part of the vendor team that enabled VIP Mobile (Serbia) to conduct the award-winning, world’s first demonstration of fully virtualised VoLTE delivered over a live LTE network.

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