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Dialogic, OpenCloud Team to Virtualize VoLTE

PARSIPANNY, N.J. -- Dialogic, a global networking software and infrastructure solution provider, and telecoms service-layer innovator OpenCloud announced today an expanded partnership to enable rapid-development and reduced time-to-market for next-generation immersive IP-based call-completion and multimedia communications services. OpenCloud’s Rhino Telecom Application Server and OpenCloud’s Rhino Sentinel VoLTE deliver Multi-media Telephony Services (MMTel) and Services Centralization and Continuity (SCC) by leveraging the Dialogic PowerMedia XMS integrated MRF solution designed for virtualized environments that network operators expect today.

“We are pleased to have Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS virtualized software-based MRF pre-integrated with OpenCloud’s open, virtualized VoLTE products. The pre-integrated solution is designed to address ‘mission critical’ requirements of our end customers to enable them to offer unique and competitively differentiated services, in reduced time at reduced cost”, said Jonathan Bell, VP Product Marketing, at OpenCloud. “We have collaborated in multiple global deployments and POCs worldwide and continue to strengthen our relations further.”

“We are excited to provide Dialogic’s proven global expertise, virtualized software-based MRF and MRB, pre-integrated to OpenCloud’s openly extensible VoLTE TAS”, said Jim Machi, Senior VP Product Management and Marketing at Dialogic. “The pre-integrated solution not only addresses the needs our customers have in delivering state of the art call completion and multi-media services today, but also provides a platform on which these next-generation services can be offered in the future. Dialogic’s PowerMedia Media Resource Broker (MRB) also enables the required telco scalability, all in a software platform.”

OpenCloud Sentinel VoLTE and Dialogic PowerMedia XMS support IR.92 and IR.94, which are recommended for voice over LTE calling and video over LTE calling respectively. Both products are fully software-based and designed to support network functions virtualization (NFV) as more service providers build it into their infrastructure for operational and capital expenditure savings. PowerMedia XMS also supports other key functionalities such as a software-based Media Resource Broker optimized for telco scalability, message session relay protocol (MSRP) for enhanced texting and WebRTC voice (Opus) and video (VP8 and VP9) codecs, all of which enable additional future services on the same platform.

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