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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Telsima Corporation, a leading developer of WiMAX based Broadband Wireless Access and mobility solutions has announced that its StarMAX 4120-3.5GHz WiMAX Base Station and its StarMAX 2140-3.5GHz Subscriber Station have passed the WiMAX compliance and interoperability testing at CETECOM in Spain and are officially WiMAX Forum Certified™ products. This is the first WiMAX profile in the Company’s comprehensive portfolio of WiMAX solutions that includes WiMAX Base Stations and Subscriber Stations, for indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor use, supporting the 2.5GHz, 3.3GHz and 3.5GHz frequency bands, Network Management Software and Provisioning Manager and TRUFLE™, the Company’s leading edge mobility management solution.

Unlike any other WiMAX vendor today, with TRUFLE™ the Company offers a mechanism providing subscriber basic mobility within OFDM-based WiMAX networks; enabling re-connection and IP session conservation when in range of another base station.

Together with Telsima “D+E->DualMode” base stations TRUFLE™ enables operators to offer basic mobility services based on WiMAX today, with a clear migration path to 802.16e-2005 while preserving their infrastructure investments.

Alok Sharma, Telsima’s CEO stated that, ‘WiMAX certification positions Telsima in the ranks of the leading system providers, however, the Company’s portfolio of current and forward looking solutions that enable mobile media-rich services set it apart from its competition.’

In a separate release:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Telsima Corporation, a leading developer of WiMAX based Broadband Wireless Access and mobility solutions, introduces TRUFLEÔ , its innovative mobility framework that promises a disruptive impact in the 4G market. TRUFLE is a lightweight architecture and software solution that enables the use of commoditized network elements, significantly reducing the infrastructure investments for mobile solutions. In addition, TRUFLE mobility does not require any special software on the WiMAX mobile station or handheld, such as is required with Mobile IP. Through the adoption of TRUFLE technologies, any WiMAX subscriber device becomes mobile enabled.

Alok Sharma, Telsima’s CEO stated that, ‘the Company has, in its TRUFLEÔ technology, developed a standard setting mechanism for subscriber mobility within the WiMAX network, enabling re-authentication and session re-establishment for fixed WiMAX networks, and fast handoff for mobile WiMAX networks. The implications of this disruptive and elegant technology are profound. We are proud to have this 4G enabling technology implemented in our products today, redefining broadband mobility.’

Bojan Bostjancic, Telsima’s President, stated that, ‘with the integration of TRUFLEÔ software within the Company’s StarMAX™ 6400 base station and Telsima’s ASN, the Company enters the race to 4G/WiMAX platforms with a product available today. This future proof platform supports basic mobility with the Company’s OFDM based systems today, and seamless carrier grade handover at vehicular speeds when integrated with OFDMA technologies due to be available in the first half of 2007.’

In a separate release:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Telsima Corporation, a leading developer of WiMAX based Broadband Wireless Access and mobility solutions, has announced its StarMAX™ 6000 WiMAX base station platform that a) is based on the Company’s new Mobile WiMAX system architecture, b) incorporates Telsima’s D+EÞ DualMode technology, c) offers TRUFLEÔ enabled mobility services and d) conforms to the 300mm ETSI front-I/O form factor. The first version offered will be the StarMAX™ 6400, a 3U, 4 sector, base station supporting STC/MRC, upgradeable to support D+EÞ DualMode during the first half of 2007.

Alok Sharma, Telsima’s CEO stated that, ‘the StarMAX 6400 is the ideal platform for offering 4G mobile triple play services. Our D+EÞ DualMode technology also gives service providers a means to progress forward with network deployments with the confidence that when mobile WiMAX becomes available that their infrastructure investment is protected and both systems will able to be used in conjunction with one another within the same frequency band’.

Telsima Corp.

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