Sigfox MEA President Hits the Road, Jacques

Wireless IoT network upstart Sigfox has lost one of the key people driving its expansion in the Middle East and Africa, Light Reading has learned.

Thierry Siminger, president of MEA at Sigfox, has left to become chief commercial officer at TransferTo. Siminger, a 22-year telecom veteran, was originally poached by Sigfox from security firm Oberthur Technologies in 2015.

"Thierry Siminger has left the company for new opportunities," Laurence Collet, Media Lord of the Living Rings* at Sigfox wrote in an email reply to questions. "A team of regional directors has taken the leadership in Africa & Middle East to pursue the expansion of Sigfox global network in this strategic region."

The French startup has a key opportunity to extend and expand its own low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology in Europe, the US, and beyond, as the narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) LTE specification flounders at the testing stage. Carriers are looking at LPWAN networks that can connect sensors and other low-power machine-to-machine technology as a revenue opportunity in the coming years. (See LPWAN: Choice Overload and Confusion, Sigfox in the City: 100+ Markets up in the US and Sigfox 'Only Option' Today, Says Telefónica.)

— Dan Jones, Media Hobbit of Rockaway Beach, Light Reading

*Really that's what it says in his email.

Director53355 6/3/2017 | 5:10:30 AM
Re: So what's Sigfox's window? NB IoT will come real end of this year in Germany and the Netherlands for sure. I am focused on DACH and BENELUX and can not talk for the other countries. However the set up of NB IoT BTS is moving faster then with SIGFOX.
iotman 6/1/2017 | 6:23:45 PM
Re: So what's Sigfox's window? Initially no, but come end of June/July 2017 all BTS and module firmware will be fully interoperable between all vendors (and will be OTA upgrade for all towers). Game over
DanJones 5/30/2017 | 11:23:23 PM
Re: So what's Sigfox's window? All standardized though?
iotman 5/30/2017 | 10:51:31 PM
Re: So what's Sigfox's window? NB-IOT is already here. Being rolled out in APAC now, already in Netherlands and Germany and China (the biggest fish of all) is up and running. Once China begins, they alone will bring more scale to the eco-system than the US or other countries combined.


I would give SIGFOX 6 months to establish as much business as possible, as NB1 will be a logical choice for anyone wanting reliable communications and ubiquitous coverage. Rag
DanJones 5/30/2017 | 11:40:59 AM
So what's Sigfox's window? They seem to have a window to get more fully entrenched before NB-IoT even arrives. But how long is it? 6 months, a year, 18 months, or longer?
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