FCC to Enable Fast Streaming With New 60GHz Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted a rule change surrounding ultra-high frequency spectrum in the 57-64GHz range -- commonly referred to as 60GHz. The rule modifications will allow higher emission limits for 60GHz devices that operate outdoors, enabling broader deployment of point-to-point broadband systems.

In an open meeting on Friday, FCC acting chairwoman Mignon Clyburn and commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai unanimously voted on a Report and Order addressing technical requirements for 60GHz services and related equipment, such as short range, outdoor point-to-point systems that extend the reach of fiber networks. By allowing longer communication distances for unlicensed 60GHz point-to-point systems, there will be opportunity for additional competition in the broadband market and lower-cost, higher-capacity commercial and consumer wireless services, said FCC Office of Engineering and Technology's chief Julius Knapp.

Several devices can operate in this band without interference, offering additional benefits, Knapp said. "The frequency can be used outdoors to send unlicensed signals from one building to the next, extending fiber optics between buildings without the need for construction, while also increasing power limits," he added. "Second, it can be used indoors for a new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ad to support high-definition streaming."

To find out how this rule change could impact mobile video streaming in the home and beyond go to Information Week.

— Elena Malykhina, Information Week

Cableco44 8/14/2013 | 11:01:58 PM
re: FCC to Enable Fast Streaming With New 60GHz Rules Wasn't this the frequency identified in IEEE 802.16?
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