FCC Auction Day 2, Bids Equal $47.8M

Bidding on the second day of the first FCC 28GHz 5G spectrum auction on Thursday is up to $47.8 million, around $6 million more than the end results of yesterday.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 's Auction 101 dashboard lists total bidding of $47,759,440 with provisionally winning bids (PWB) for 2,078 licenses. In addition, 994 licenses are still with the FCC. The auction will continue until bids stop. (See FCC's 28GHz 5G Auction Kicks Off With $36M+ in Bids.)

The results of the next tranche of the auction, starting at 2PM ET, will be revealed after 4PM today. We will update the numbers here.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

Miracle Bogan 12/16/2019 | 8:04:51 AM
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DanJones 11/15/2018 | 3:04:06 PM
Re: Conflict of Interest Source?
Sr.Embed22197 11/15/2018 | 2:37:42 PM
Conflict of Interest Of course, the FCC is also rejecting bids from companies that are currently suing it for any reason, right?

"It would be a conflict of interest for us to deal with you while an ongoing lawsuit is in progress,"
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