600MHz Auction Climbs Over $22B

The bids in the 600MHz spectrum auction are up over $22 billion this Monday afternoon

Total bids for the low-band spectrum licenses across the US now stand at $22,077,875,100. This is not yet anywhere near the total $86.4 billion that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is hoping to raise in the end, however.

The final total is set that high -- almost double what the last spectrum auction raised -- because $86.4 billion is the number that TV broadcasters -- currently on the band -- told the FCC they wanted in an earlier incentive auction. The FCC will have to hold further incentive auctions if this total isn't reached, which means this process could potentially carry on into next year.

For more on the spectrum wars, visit the spectrum section right here on Light Reading.

The 600MHz spectrum is good for providing long-range coverage and getting cellular signals through walls. Up to 62 entities are bidding in the 600MHz auction. The FCC will reveal the winners after the process is over.

You can keep track of the bidding totals here.

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— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 8/31/2016 | 12:24:59 PM
Re: The little auction that could? $23,108,037,900 right now, seems like the bid spurt has slowed, for now at least.
DanJones 8/30/2016 | 4:02:37 PM
Re: The little auction that could? yeah could be
pavlovic 8/30/2016 | 4:01:16 PM
Re: The little auction that could? Possibly "parked" bids to maintain eligibility...
DanJones 8/30/2016 | 3:45:51 PM
Re: The little auction that could? That's straight wierd then.
pavlovic 8/30/2016 | 3:42:24 PM
Re: The little auction that could? Hm, not sure about that. Remember that C2 blocks have major impairments (between 15% and 50%) while C1 blocks may have impairments in <15% range.

Eagle Pass, TX blocks are all C2. (looks that way).

So, still a mystery...
DanJones 8/30/2016 | 3:22:13 PM
Re: The little auction that could? Interesting! If I had to guess I'd bet AT&T is making the running on that one. Particularly with 600MHz good line of sight cellsites will get you nice range with the low-band spectrum. 
pavlovic 8/30/2016 | 3:12:05 PM
Re: The little auction that could? Thanks for the link. I find it interesting to look at the detailed data: at https://auctiondata.fcc.gov/public/projects/1000/reports/product_status-stage1.

Sort by aggregate demand, for example. While it's easy to understand the attractiveness of major urba markets (Ney York, Chicago, SF...), what's so special about Eagle Pass, TX? Not being from the US, I may be missing something here. Any good explanation?




DanJones 8/29/2016 | 5:17:53 PM
The little auction that could? So can this auction get up to $86.4B. Remember the last one topped $45B but taht was the largest spectrum auction ever in the US.
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