SMW Pics: Monkeying With Mobility

LAS VEGAS -- Super Mobility Week -- The CTIA's sprawling new event made an effort to cram everything mobile into one place -- connected cars, mobile network infrastructure, devices, software and pretty much anything else remotely related to mobility.

With so much going on in one place, exhibitors had to do everything they could to stand out. Click on the photo below for some examples of the assorted oddities found on (and off) the SMW show floor.

Mystery Solved
Confused about what the Internet of Things really is? This oughta clear it up.
Confused about what the Internet of Things really is? This oughta clear it up.

— Jason Meyers, Senior Editor, Utility Communications/IoT, Light Reading

Susan Fourtané 9/19/2014 | 3:33:11 AM
Re: The Internet of blood I was surprised, too, to see the American Red Cross unit there. I wonder if they collected a good amount of blood. Maybe this starts to be a common thing in the big events. An organ donor unit could be added as well. 

Samsung's little door to the next big thing reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. And my favorite picture was Dan's with all the parrots. :D 

kq4ym 9/15/2014 | 9:43:27 AM
Re: The Internet of blood Very entertaining photos! And I'm sure the next big thing is really right behind that door! The marketers really have a field day at these events while mobility is where it's at now, I wonder what really will be the next big thing. If only I could predict that, I'd not longer be working long.
nasimson 9/12/2014 | 9:56:04 PM
The Internet of blood Looks like it was an exciting event. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that American Red Cross was there asking for blood donations. Looks like a great strategy on their part.
DanJones 9/12/2014 | 9:53:06 PM
Re: No animals were harmed... I'm emotionally scarred for sure
sarahthomas1011 9/12/2014 | 8:25:02 PM
Re: No animals were harmed... What about Dan though?
jasonmeyers 9/12/2014 | 1:07:27 PM
No animals were harmed... ...in the making of this slide show.
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