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SpiderCloud's New Web: Dual-Mode 4G LTE

Wireless access infrastructure startup SpiderCloud has unveiled a dual-mode enterprise small cell that can support 4G LTE and UMTS 3G.

SpiderCloud Wireless says its SCRN-310 product, which will become commercially available in the second quarter of 2014, can handle up to 32 active LTE users and support voice-over-LTE calls.

The vendor's chief marketing officer, Ronny Haraldsvik, says that the new small cell will allow enterprises to run both 3G and LTE on different bands. "It is the first radio node that can do dual-band... that in itself is unique," he claims.

Haraldsvik adds that SpiderCloud is already engaged "in about half a dozen trials" with its existing 4G LTE small cell, the SCRN-210.

These include trials in Europe (where SpiderCloud has had some success this year), the US, and Latin America. "We have a good 12 months or more on others in this space," boasts Haraldsvik.

That's quite a claim, considering SpiderCloud's rivals include heavy-hitters such as Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) and Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC). (See SpiderCloud: Cisco 'Naïve' on Small Cells and Ericsson Boasts Small Cell Breakthrough.)

So, could one of these massive companies just step in and buy SpiderCloud?

"That is not such an interesting question to us now as it was nine months ago -- that should tell you something about this company," says Haraldsvik, who believes his company can be as disruptive as Aruba Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: ARUN) has been in the enterprise WiFi market. (See Aruba Networks Replaces Cisco in Starbucks.)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

sineira 11/5/2013 | 12:12:07 PM
Re: LTE competition Remember you need 3G for voice. VoLTE is not here yet.

Could be a good selling point.
DanJones 11/4/2013 | 1:03:25 PM
Re: LTE competition Yeah, I get that, the US isn't the sole focus for these kind of enterprise small cells though.
McCray 11/4/2013 | 1:00:10 PM
Re: LTE competition I would agree from a global prospective however, if you look at US data growth projections 3G isn't cutting it. 4G is necessary.
DanJones 11/4/2013 | 12:35:28 PM
Re: LTE competition I would also imagine that 3G demand is still pretty big for in-building enterprise deployments.
McCray 11/4/2013 | 12:03:35 PM
Re: LTE competition Sarah you can bet Cisco following the Ubiquisys acquisition is just ensuring such an integrated solution also has a robust core prior to making any press releases. Even ip.access is probably pressing forward just a much slower rate since they are not as well funded.
Sarah Thomas 11/4/2013 | 10:47:02 AM
Re: LTE competition That seems to resonate with what AT&T and others have said. I'm a bit surprised they haven't even announced a multimode small cell in the labs or in trials or existing at all yet though. 
DanJones 11/4/2013 | 10:35:26 AM
Re: LTE competition According to SpiderCloud, its the initial testing that really hangs you up too. Once you have some carrier trials under your belt then the sales cycles get shorter.

"From 3 years to 3 months," was Ronny's estimation.
Sarah Thomas 11/4/2013 | 10:10:45 AM
LTE competition Talked to Cisco last month...still no timeline for it on an LTE small cell.
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