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Meet the Small Cell Forum's New Chairman

Dr. Alan Law was one of the driving forces behind making Vodafone a leader in 3G femtocells. Now, as the new chairman of the Small Cell Forum, he'll be tasked with driving the direction of the entire global industry that's working on deploying and evolving these mini-basestations.

In his first month as chairman of the Small Cell Forum Ltd. , Law is already clear on his immediate priority: bringing small cells to rural areas, including in temporary networks (such as those set up following natural disasters) and transportation networks (trains, planes, cars, etc.). After that, it's all about virtualization. (See Small Cell Forum Tackles Urban, Virtualization.)

It's Law's job to develop a steady stream of releases to help vendors and network operators move forward on their small cell deployments, as well as encouraging standardization and interoperability amongst all the various players.

At the same time, in his day job, he's also responsible for helping parlay Vodafone Group plc (NYSE: VOD)'s success in 3G residential and enterprise small cells into the LTE world. (See Top 6 Small Cells Movers & Shakers.)

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Light Reading caught up with Law shortly after he moved from serving as the vice chair of Europe to chairman of the Small Cell Forum last month to discuss his role at the Forum and his thoughts on the industry. In a wide-ranging interview, he covered everything from backhaul to SON to LTE-U to a whole lot of virtualization. You can find the complete Q&A on the Prime Reading section of Light Reading here: Small Cell Forum Lays Down the Law.

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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