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China Mobile Deploys Nokia Networks 4G Small Cells

BEIJING -- China Mobile, the world's largest mobile telecommunications company, selected Nokia Networks to implement its Flexi Zone TD-LTE small cell solution for the 2015 Xiamen Marathon, an international sports event in China. With this, the operator could easily scale up its network capacity to efficiently manage the unprecedented surge in wireless data traffic expected at the event. Its customers enjoyed a seamless mobile broadband experience with excellent performance.

During the event, traffic load in the network reached its peak as many of the 45,000 spectators used various apps to share their captured pictures and videos (6500 4G LTE users at peak). Nokia's Flexi Zone TD-LTE small cells managed wireless data with up to 400 simultaneous active LTE users per base station - 4 to 8 times more simultaneous users than other outdoor small cells.

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