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AT&T Gets 'Opportunistic' With 4G Small Cells

AT&T is now deploying public access small cells -- including 4G LTE units -- around its network with a view to getting the most speed and coverage bang for its buck from the tiny standalone basestations. (See Know Your Small Cell: Home, Enterprise, or Public Access?)

"Our network team is now deploying small cells across our network," Chris Rice, vice president of advanced technologies at AT&T Labs , said at the operator's "Innovation Showcase" Friday, where the company also talked of home-grown network virtualization technology. "AT&T Labs is working with them to make sure they deployed in the right spots." (See AT&T Working on Home-Grown SDN Controller for Later in 2014 .)

AT&T has been deploying 3G HSPA+ small cells during the past year. In November 2013, John Donovan, senior executive vice president of AT&T technology and network operations, said the operator had small cells in 18 states. In February 2014, the operator said that it had deployed 3G and 4G units at Disney properties in the US. (See AT&T Deploys Small Cells & More at Disney and AT&T: 3G Small Cells in 18 US States.)

Talking to Light Reading on Friday, Rice said that 4G small cells -- as well as 3G units -- are being deployed on the wider AT&T network in the US. "Yes, LTE also," Rice told us.

Deployment, however, doesn't mean that AT&T is pushing small cells out in swathes across the network. Rather, Rice says the Labs team is using algorithms and analysis to find the best spots to place the small cells to improve network performance. Rice describes the current moves as an "opportunistic" use of small cell technology.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 5/20/2014 | 6:05:07 AM
Re: single v. multimode Nope. Rice probably wouldn't be the person to know either.
DanJones 5/20/2014 | 6:04:16 AM
Re: Best spot I got literally 3 questions with Chris Rice. All of what I know is in the article. He said they were using AT&T labs alogos and tech to try and find the best spots for small cells. I'll try and get more clarification next week.
sarahthomas1011 5/19/2014 | 5:05:40 PM
Re: single v. multimode Those are the issues that remain for multimode deployments?
Drymarchon7 5/19/2014 | 5:01:51 PM
Re: single v. multimode I't shouldn't be a big surprise that AT&T is deploying 4G Small Cells, however the remaining critical issues are related to interference mitigation, backhaul (fiber versus microwave), link budget optimization, and ultimately optimizing SINR to achieve 4G/LTE peak spectral efficiency utilizing only the minimal resource blocks necessary.


Atlantis-dude 5/19/2014 | 3:31:55 PM
Best spot Is very subjective. What are they using to find it ?
[email protected] 5/19/2014 | 2:44:34 PM
Sounds good That's quite vague but makes sense .. location based on magic algorithm.
sarahthomas1011 5/19/2014 | 10:17:33 AM
single v. multimode Interesting, although not surprising that AT&T is doing single-mode LTE small cells first. Did they have any update on multimode progress?
Ariella 5/19/2014 | 9:21:38 AM
AT& T I have AT&T, much to my kids' disapproval b/c it doesn't really offer the best service, so it's really not great for people who really use their phones as they primary means of communication. But maybe they will change that now. 
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