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AT&T: 3G Small Cells in 18 US States

AT&T says it has now deployed 3G small cells across 18 different states in the US.

The states are Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, a spokesman for the operator told Light Reading Monday evening.

The tiny basestations extend 3G HSPA+ coverage and capacity, the spokesman confirmed. The operator has these initial units installed in outdoor and indoor environments, including high-rise buildings.

The next move in AT&T's small cell strategy will be the deployment of "Multi-Standard Metrocells" (MSMs), which are expected to be introduced some time in 2014. Those units will combine 3G, 4G, and WiFi, support carrier aggregation between the 700 MHz and AWS spectrum bands, and will eventually become the carrier's standard small cell.

The burning question now, though, is -- how many small cells has AT&T deployed so far? The operator isn't saying, but it expects to have deployed at least 40,000 of the tiny basestations by the end of 2015.

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— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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mendyk 11/13/2013 | 11:57:54 AM
Re: Glass half full Some of those dog mounds can get pretty high. But the big problem is lack of underground connectivity. May be a niche for a new product, RSCs (really small cells).
DanJones 11/13/2013 | 11:55:45 AM
Re: Glass half full You never have friends that complain about AT&T's coverage, I know I do?
DanJones 11/13/2013 | 11:54:56 AM
Re: Glass half full Do they have any high-rises in Wyoming?
mendyk 11/13/2013 | 9:42:53 AM
Re: Glass half full Prairie dogs in Wyoming are starting to bark about limited coverage.
chuckj 11/13/2013 | 7:02:31 AM
Glass half full 32 states have zero deployment of small cells and no one noticed the difference.
DanJones 11/12/2013 | 3:02:10 PM
Re: Small Cell Provider Possible that the AT&T SON software now doesn't support small cells?
Sarah Thomas 11/12/2013 | 2:48:09 PM
Re: Multi-standard small cells Yep, from everyone I talked to, even the carriers themselves, it seems like timeline slippage could be an issue. Plus, the macro network is still a bigger focus. 
Sarah Thomas 11/12/2013 | 2:47:21 PM
Re: Small Cell Provider Thought Cisco may be in the running for AT&T too, because of the SON work they do with it, but that hasn't be confirmed yet.
DanJones 11/12/2013 | 2:17:01 PM
Re: Multi-standard small cells MSM is the eventual goal, yes. how long will that take? I don't know yet, doubt anyone quite does.
DanJones 11/12/2013 | 2:15:15 PM
Re: Multi-standard small cells I think the aim is the majority deployed by end of 2015. But schedules have a way of slipping in the world of small cells.
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