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Legere trumpets the success of the 'Uncarrier' strategy.
Legere trumpets the success of the 'Uncarrier" strategy.

DanJones 1/10/2014 | 11:42:47 AM
Re: Anyone switching? Well Neville Ray is the one that would deal with the spectrum in that situation, he wasn't exactly complimentary about Sprint's network and upgrade efforts either.
Sarah Thomas 1/9/2014 | 5:43:00 PM
Re: Anyone switching? I took that to mean, "a pile of [valuable] spectrumi n search of a [T-Mobile network] capability" -- that they could do more with it than Sprint. Either way, he may have talked smacked but he didn't protest much about rumor speculation.
DanJones 1/9/2014 | 5:11:13 PM
Re: Anyone switching? Legere also called Sprint, "a pile of spectrum in search of a [network] capability," so there's no love lost there. And laughed at  the "framily" plans and "spanky" (spark) network upgrade.
Sarah Thomas 1/9/2014 | 5:02:46 PM
Re: Anyone switching? Wonder how Softbank feels about that. And, Hesse has a contract that he's in for the next five years. Would that still apply if they merged?

Before Legere came along, I always thought Hesse was the funny CEO. His humor was also more subtle. He once compared de la Vega to John Wilkes Booth, but at least he didn't say he "liked him better when he was fat."
DanJones 1/9/2014 | 4:51:03 PM
Re: Anyone switching? My read on what he said was that if it was to happen he wanted to be leading brand in the organization.
Sarah Thomas 1/9/2014 | 3:28:07 PM
Re: Anyone switching? There is little, if any, further consolidation available among the large telecom providers.

That theory will very soon be checked!  Legere seemed to really hint that the Sprint merger was happening in his keynote. We'll see if it passes regulatory muster if so.
Phil_Britt 1/9/2014 | 3:21:24 PM
Re: Anyone switching? You're reight about a price war, and it's probably about time for one. Prices have been going up uncheckeck for a while, and this type of price war can help force them compete on service.

Of course, such a price war can have long-term unitended consequences as well, hurting the long-term health of the companies, as happened with the airlines. The air carriers were perennial money losers until the recent consolidations. There is little, if any, further consolidation available among the large telecom providers.
Sarah Thomas 1/9/2014 | 1:08:33 PM
Anyone switching? Smells like a price war to me. Verizon and Sprint's CEOs both dismissed these kind of offers as marketing stunts that are usually short lived, but T-Mobile's offer is pretty big. I bet it will get a lot of takers. There's little to no risk if there is no ETF.
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