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Sven, Where's Your Doggy?

9:00 AM -- Ever lost your pooch? If you're Swedish there's a good chance you're responding like a nodding dog because, according to Scandinavian carrier Telia Company , 15,000 canine pets disappear in Sweden each year.

And the operator knows how traumatic that can be. "The worst nightmare for all dog owners would be to lose their darling pet," it states in a totally serious press release issued today.

That's why TeliaSonera has launched a new service, at just 79 Swedish Kronor ($11.62) per month, to help its Swedish mobile customers sleep easy. "Sweden’s 700,000 dog owners can soon keep better track of their doggy with the help of their mobile phone and a GPS receiver that is attached to the dog’s collar." (See TeliaSonera Tracks Dogs.)

And yes, they did use the word "doggy."

One question that springs to mind is -- why stop at dogs? We can think of plenty of other quadrupeds, and bipeds, that could do with some tracking. The writing is surely on the wall for errant boyfriends.

— Ray Le Maistre, Petcare Editor, Light Reading

digits 12/5/2012 | 3:09:00 PM
re: Sven, Where's Your Doggy? ...could I track it down with my mobile?

If carriers are going to invest in 4G -- or Hyperconnectivity, as Nortel seems to want to call it -- then they're going to need mind-bending apps like that, surely?

Personally, I'd be happy if I could be guaranteed voice coverage and be able to use my 3G mobile as a use-anywhere wireless modem for my laptop for ubiquitous broadband. IN real life, that is - not on a spreadsheet.

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