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Sandvine Launches Personalized Data Plan App

WATERLOO, ON -- Sandvine (TSX: SVC), a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, today announced SmartService App, a smartphone application designed to enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operator’s (MVNOs) to offer subscribers the ability to instantly select, personalize and monitor their service plan directly on their device.

Sandvine’s SmartService App provides an on device storefront that radically enhances an operator's service creation capabilities. By placing a one-stop-shop for Internet data plans at the fingertips of subscribers, SmartService App provides the opportunity for operators to extend beyond traditional volume-based plans (by megabyte or gigabyte) to value-based plans that offer greater revenue potential by providing access to specific applications (e.g. YouTube, Twitter) or application groups (e.g. social networking or music streaming) that subscribers desire.

Smart Communications, the Philippines' leading wireless services provider, has already enabled a mobile Internet operator storefront application, branded locally as PowerApp, using the platform and technology behind Sandvine’s SmartService App. One of the most popular uses in that market is “bite-size” mobile Internet plans that offer time-of-day usage by the minute, hour, or day for highly-valued applications.

“Sandvine’s SmartService App enabled us to introduce PowerApp and bring innovative service plans that are highly-valued by our customers, so they can keep posting, liking and tweeting everywhere they go, making the experience truly mobile,” said Michele Curran, Data and International Services Head, Smart Communications.

For subscribers, the SmartService App will provide data plans with “cost-certainty” that can be personalized via not only the smartphone app but also through SMS or a web browser-based storefront. Through the app, subscribers can also receive real-time notifications of new service offerings, as well as alerts when they have reached certain usage thresholds.

For operators, this ease of access provides quicker time-to-revenue, increased service plan adoption, market differentiation, and enhanced loyalty. Additionally, the SmartService App will open the door for operators to generate sponsored data revenue from businesses who choose to cover the cost of data for select apps in order to help drive adoption with subscribers.

Sandvine’s SmartService App is a complete, end-to-end solution, with each deployment tailored to ensure that the offered service plans meet market demands and that the application design is consistent with the operator’s brand.

“The biggest barriers preventing subscribers from purchasing a data plan are price, awareness of the service options available, and the hassle of making the call to buy or change the plan,” said Tom Donnelly, Sandvine’s COO, Sales and Global Services. “By giving subscribers the ability to instantly personalize a data plan that suits their needs and budget on their device, Sandvine’s carrier branded SmartService App will allow more people to get the Internet access they desire.”

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