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A T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: Would It Spur Competition?

Joe Stanganelli 10/3/2017 | 5:29:25 PM
Eh It might not help, but I'm not convinced it would hurt. We're talking about the two smaller of the big players. And Sprint hasn't shown a profit in ages, right? Meanwhile, T-Mobile tends to compete more with AT&T and VZ to snag customers away as a value offering.

Meanwhile, other, smaller carriers are growing and gaining attention.
Michelle 9/30/2017 | 11:24:41 PM
Maybe This might be a good thing. I already think of T-Mobile and Sprint as the same company anyway. I suspect they really really need one another to make a complete service. I won't be switching if they do merge. I suspect the merge could improve competition in the wireless industry (it could use a bump).
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