Podcast: Gadget Zombies & Ghoulish Tech Flops

The ghosts, geeks and goblins of telecom tech come out to play in this very foolish and ghoulish episode of the Light Reading Podcast.

Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser and her spooky pals -- Light Reading behead-itor Phil Harvey and US Ignite firestarter Mari Silbey -- discuss some of the technologies that still haunt them to this day.

Phil opines on why consumers were so scared of the Facebook phone. Kelsey is creeped out all over again by Google Glass. Mari throws her hands up to the heavens and asks, "Why, WiMax, Why?!!"

The trio dances all over the graves of a few other tech ideas and products, too. (R.I.P. home networking before the cloud.) And Mari shares a surprising bit of news about a videophone network that may actually be back from the dead.

Happy Halloween, you silly souls.

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Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, Light Reading

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