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T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy

T-Mobile US says its LTE network now covers 116 markets and 157 million people in the U.S. as the self-proclaimed "uncarrier" attempts to turn up the 4G heat on Sprint Nextel Corp. and others.

T-Mobile's CTO Neville Ray was on hand in NYC Wednesday to unveil the new deployments. He said that, in total, 116 markets are now live, including 73 metro areas.

"Rockstar" CTO Ray and spokesmodel Carly Foulkes got on stage to launch the new network.

Neville Ray and Carly Foulkes prepare to flick the virtual switch on T-Mobile's new LTE markets

Ray promised average speeds of between 10 Mbit/s and 20 Mbit/s on the new networks, which include New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Boston and Seattle, among others.

Ray says T-Mobile looks for "60 to 80 percent" LTE coverage in a market before it launches. The operator is looking to cover 200 million potential customers before the end of the year.

Ray also gave Light Reading Mobile a little more perspective on where T-Mobile is with LTE-Advanced. He said the operator has been installing equipment capable of supporting 4-by-4 multiple antenna (MIMO) arrays in some of its sites.

There's a gating factor, however, to new MIMO LTE speeds. "The handsets just aren't ready yet," Ray states.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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bergea 7/11/2013 | 11:24:14 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy That was fast, and Sprint is enhancing the value of its service contracts rather than eliminating them. Now you can guarantee Unlimted text, talk and data while on the Sprint network for the life of your line. Sprint also lowered the threshold for Unlimited to $80 per month, and extended the number of lines to 10 on one account with incentives to add more lines. This is the just first round of the 2013 4G Wars, and its only Summertime where the livin is easy. & the LTE is speedy".
Bre Corson 7/11/2013 | 10:20:28 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy ha! neither... Sublime ;)"Summertime and the livin's easy".. Summertime & the LTE is speedy"
DanJonesLRMobile 7/11/2013 | 10:17:40 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy Louis Armstrong or Janis Joplin version though?
DanJonesLRMobile 7/11/2013 | 10:16:43 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy I don't get Sprint's strategy with LTE per se. By sticking with all the small markets they let TMUS come from behind when they should have been plenty ahead. I do recall they blamed suppliers for equipment delays so maybe that explains it.
Koda23 7/11/2013 | 9:33:38 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy I saw a report last week that showed TMUS with 7 officially announced markets and numerous signals spotted, while Sprint tallied 110 LTE + 71 WiMax markets. So, I guess TMUS wanted to JUMP over Sprint's total for LTE.
Bre Corson 7/11/2013 | 9:11:01 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy Very clever title! It got me singing.
Sarah Thomas 7/11/2013 | 8:00:56 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy Well that was fast! Sprint just announced lowered prices ($80) on its data service and that it will guarantee unlimited data services to those that stay with it: http://newsroom.sprint.com/new...
bergea 7/11/2013 | 4:32:51 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy TMUS is leveraging both HSPA+ 42 and LTE in the 4G coverage race, with commercial LTE service available now in 116 metros, 73 of the top 100 markets. Once they start leveraging MetroPCS spectrum they can quickly add capacity to support data usage growth. As the UnCarrier, TMUS is also disrupting the US mobile market by liberating customers from contracts and allowing them to JUMP - or swap phones every six months. I wonder how this positioning will influence Sprint now that the Softbank and Clearwire mergers have been completed?
DanJonesLRMobile 7/11/2013 | 2:38:03 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy Yeah, people ignored the family plan update because of the sexy JUMP plan but it's brutally going after Sprint.

$100 a month.
4 lines
4G/LTE data

SoftBank/Sprint is going to need some fresh answers if Legere & co. is going to play this rough.
Sarah Thomas 7/11/2013 | 2:29:54 PM
re: T-Mobile: Summertime & the LTE is Speedy I agree that we'll see a price war, but I think it'll also be more of a business model war. Sprint says it's sticking with unlimited post-mergers and now T-Mobile is introducing new JUMP plans [Just Upgrade My Phone]. I think most consumers just want to do what's easiest, but A LOT are feed up with contracts, fees and high prices. I wouldn't be surprised if more start to look seriously at the smaller two players.
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