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Siano Powers Brazil's Mobile DTV

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Leading mobile TV chip maker Siano Mobile Silicon (www.siano-ms.com) announced today that all top three of Brazil’s mobile carriers – Vivo, Claro and TIM Brazil - are now promoting products using its MDTV receivers. In partnership with Chinese Telco giant, ZTE, Siano are powering mobile phones and 3G modem cards equipped with digital TV for mobile subscribers in Brazil. The Siano-powered terminals enable viewing of dozens of channels comprised of Sports, News and Entertainment – an experience that will culminate with the FIFA World Cup in 2010. When the games commence in South Africa in June, millions of subscribers in Brazil will have handheld access to real-time viewing of goals scored by Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney and their beloved Kaka.

"We want Brazilians to fully experience the World Cup and be able to watch the games anywhere and anytime," Hugo Janeba, Executive VP of Marketing and Innovation in Vivo, the largest mobile operator in Brazil, said publically last week, adding "and when soccer fans have their own pocket TV, the experience certainly becomes much more complete.”

Siano Mobile Silicon

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