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Bytemobile Ekes Out More Capacity

Bytemobile Inc. is upping the ante on its de-crunching platform, Unison, now saying it boosts video capacity by 50 percent. The company is also adding support for streaming media and high-definition content on mobile devices.

Unison uses compression to speed download times and lessen the impact on the network. Updates to Unison enable support for streaming media without disabling the content's digital rights management.

Bytemobile has provided software to 125 mobile operators across the globe, but it's targeting a new customer with this update: The company is also going after OEMs by integrating the Unison smart capacity platform on third-party hardware to tackle the problem at the device level. Eventually, the company also plans to move out of the data center and into the packet core with an integrated hardware appliance.

Why this matters
Mobile video worries operators, because 10 percent of mobile subscribers are expected to consume 90 percent of the network's bandwidth. Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO)'s global mobile data forecast released last week estimates that 60 percent of data on mobile will be video by 2014. Bytemobile thinks that might actually happen as soon as next year. (See Cisco: Tablets Hog More Data Than Smart Phones.)

Operators' options include combinations of caching, transcoding, usage caps or compression. But right now they seem more concerned with showing off the video capabilities of their networks, like Verizon Wireless did with its Long Term Evolution (LTE) demos at International CES , says Current Analysis analyst Peter Jarich.

Nonetheless, he expects mobile video optimization to be a big topic at Mobile World Congress, with many vendors showing off different solutions to the data problem and encouraging operators to think about optimization before it's too late.

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— Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

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