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NOON -- I should be working now, but instead I'm roaming the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center to help with our coverage of CTIA. I don't have the stamina to lug my laptop, stop, and blog every 15 minutes, but I can pass along some short sporadic analysis via the form of Twitter text message updates, right here:
    Keep checking this page throughout the day for gossip, interview tidbits, and whatever else I can convey without actually allowing my boss to read the clues and find me on the show floor. Apologies in advance for the horrific sins against spelling and grammar.

    — Phil Harvey, Editor, Light Reading
    opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 4:07:57 PM
    re: #CTIA

    You post about the irony of posting about a mobile show where you can't get a signal.

    I think that the irony is that all we see on the Lightreading page is an abbreviation of your Twitter post. I guess even 144 characters is considered too long these days. Better shorten it up and provide a link.

    Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:07:56 PM
    re: #CTIA

    His twitter post isn't cut off (ouch); that's where the tweet actually ends.  It's part of what makes that tweet pretty funny, actually.

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