Mobile security

Speaking Out on Security

Senior Editor Sarah Reedy and I discuss what operators are doing -- and saying -- about security in a 4G, virtualized world.

Kruz 12/10/2013 | 2:37:40 AM
Re: Do you want to hear about security? I would not want to hear about what is being implemented but I would definitely love to see a proactive reaction for a known issue, and a very reactive response to an incident. That would be key for staying with any operator, vendor, etc. . .

By consenting to use a "public" service (no matter how secure it promises to be), I acknowledge the fact that I might one face a data security issue. If data is really critical and off high value, I would simply minimize its exposure or just not share it on a public cloud, or over the internet. Cases like this will definitely vary from a person to another, but for a common guy like me :), it should be rare.
Sarah Thomas 12/9/2013 | 2:53:59 PM
Do you want to hear about security? What do you all think -- do you want your operator to be more vocal about what they're doing to protect your data? Or, are you of the mindset that you don't care until something goes wrong? I don't think perceived superior security is why anyone choses an operator, but an incident could make someone leave.
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