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Euronews: Germany Takes Stand on Snoops

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: TDF goes 100G with Ciena in France; Telenor appoints new India boss; Brits fiddle in front of the box.

  • The data-snooping backlash continues apace, with Germany's new justice minister announcing that he wants to delay the introduction of the European Union's data retention directive there, reports EU Observer, citing an interview in Der Spiegel. The directive, which became EU law in 2006, requires operators to set up databases that help police track the phone and Internet use of their customers. Germany's refusal to adopt the law could cost it more than €300,000 (US$407,000) a day in fines if a pending Court of Justice case goes in the European Commission 's favor. (See Euronews: Prism Prompts EU Data Rethink and Prism in a Big Data World.)

  • Masts firm TDF is deploying Ciena Corp. (NYSE: CIEN)'s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to provide 100G capabilities to its customers in France. TDF's network stretches 4,200km, and is connected to datacenters in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Aix-Marseille, and Rennes. (See TDF Deploys 100G With Ciena .)

  • Norway's Telenor Group (Nasdaq: TELN) has appointed Morten Karlsen Sørby CEO of Uninor , its Indian subsidiary, replacing Sigve Brekke. Sørby was previously executive vice president and head of the Norwegian and Nordic mobile and fixed network operations of Telenor. Uninor claims more than 26 million customers in India.

  • Oh for the days of the fully fledged couch potato. Now, according to a new BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA) study, Brits are all checking emails, gaming and generally fiddling about while they are supposed to be watching the telly. The study found that 29% of women surveyed admitted to gaming while watching TV, compared with 20% of men. Almost a quarter of 18- to 24-year-olds check work emails while in front of the box. T'ain't right.

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • Kruz 1/8/2014 | 5:44:41 PM
    Re: Another fine mesh In what is this different from the second screen watching?
    Kruz 1/8/2014 | 5:43:41 PM
    Re: Another fine mesh Haha. Not exactly coz your eyes can still follow up on the game while working your crochet out. Unless you're a newbie in needlework :)
    PaulERainford 1/8/2014 | 10:46:23 AM
    Re: Another fine mesh I'll check with FIFA and get back to you on that.
    mendyk 1/8/2014 | 10:41:29 AM
    Re: Another fine mesh Is it meshing if you crochet during a Prem League match?
    PaulERainford 1/8/2014 | 10:29:52 AM
    Another fine mesh Apparently, mucking about on Facebook and such while watching telly is called 'media meshing'. Just thought you might like to know.
    mendyk 1/8/2014 | 10:19:31 AM
    Nordic track I wonder what the success rate is for companies that transplant CXOs from their home ground into vastly different markets.
    [email protected] 1/8/2014 | 8:12:35 AM
    Closed national networks + restricted access 2014 could be the year when we see the creation of closed data networks and data repositories  that have restricted access -- expect to see Germany and the Scandinavian countries lead the way.
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