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SlideshowEurobites: DT Details Surveillance Requests

Let's hope they cleaned them out first...
Let's hope they cleaned them out first...

SachinEE 6/25/2014 | 5:33:19 AM
Re: Classic re-use of redundant technology The fact that the 'adopt a kiosk' concept was actually converted into a real business venture is a good thing. It is the best way of re-using redundant technology. Who doesn't love coffee, especially coffee on the go? This is fascinating and especially the fact that the coffee is being sold on a telephone box. It is more like the classic meets modern. The chain of coffee shops will without a doubt be successful and they will be adopted in many countries as echo friendly.
Kruz 6/16/2014 | 4:12:53 AM
Re: My First Coffee i cant seem to remember when i started gulping black coffee
PaulERainford 6/13/2014 | 10:13:10 AM
My First Coffee I still think that little girl's a bit young to be starting on the black stuff.
[email protected] 6/13/2014 | 9:49:04 AM
Classic re-use of redundant technology THis should be the answer to all redundant telecom technology -- TURN IT INTO A COFFEE-MAKING MACHINE!

What time is the next train to Brighton?

And someone tell Daisy Rollo she needs one of these for when she does coffee at telecom trade shows... 
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