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AlcaLu Tests LTE Public Safety Tech in Vegas

Dan Jones

Alcatel-Lucent revealed Monday that it has undertaken a six-month test of 4G emergency technology with authorities in Las Vegas using spectrum allocated for a nationwide first-responder LTE network.

The 4G trial is designed to deliver video, collaboration, and tracking tools over the air to first responders and local authorities. Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) says that it completed a demonstration of these capabilities to Las Vegas-area law enforcement agencies in October.

The test used equipment from AlcaLu and others, as well as the Band 14 700MHz LTE spectrum allocated for public safety applications. The spectrum is allocated to FirstNet, which was created in February 2012 when the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act was signed into law and tasked with creating a nationwide LTE network.

Why this matters
Since the 9/11 attacks, there have been calls for a nationwide public safety wireless broadband network that can connect first responders in times of crisis. More than 12 years later, it still isn't a reality.

The FCC voted in 2011 to mandate LTE as the baseline tech standard for a wireless public safety network. These latest tests indicate that the slow progress toward a nationwide network is at least continuing.

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— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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11/26/2013 | 10:35:45 AM
Re: Ericsson & Motorola

Motorola seems to have bogged down in this Bay Area first responder network. They got the BTOP grant award but now have to come to an agreement with FirstNet to use the 700MHz PS spectrum they need to actually deploy the network.

See: http://urgentcomm.com/ntiafirstnet/firstnet-reopens-spectrum-lease-talks-new-jersey-adams-county
11/26/2013 | 7:22:54 AM
Ericsson & Motorola
I haven't looked at this segment in a long while but last time I looked at it the combo of Ericsson and Motorola looked mighty daunting for Alcatel-Lucent (and anyone else come to that).
11/25/2013 | 5:00:10 PM
Re: Any bets on when we'll see a nationwide LTE emergency net?
Ha! Yeah, that worked great, didn't it.
11/25/2013 | 4:26:41 PM
Re: Any bets on when we'll see a nationwide LTE emergency net?
That too, and the fact the spectrum has been allocated ~6 years ago...
11/25/2013 | 4:24:56 PM
Re: Any bets on when we'll see a nationwide LTE emergency net?
The main problem is still who will pay for the FirstNet network:

11/25/2013 | 4:11:18 PM
Re: Any bets on when we'll see a nationwide LTE emergency net?
Only for the six months of the trial though, still not clear to me when this will move to an actual deployment. I'll have to follow up with the FirstNet people.
11/25/2013 | 3:56:08 PM
Re: Any bets on when we'll see a nationwide LTE emergency net?
Finally that nice Band 14 spectrum is being utilized! This is great news!
11/25/2013 | 2:59:33 PM
Any bets on when we'll see a nationwide LTE emergency net?
2015? 2020?

Realistically, LTE made the concept practical, so maybe it couldn't have got started much before 2010-11. Still, seems there are a lot of localized arguements to be hammered out before FirstNet really picks up steam.
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