Mobile commerce

What's Hot in Mobile Commerce?

Claire Maslen, financial services relationship manager at the GSMA, talks about the development of the digital commerce sector and the types of relationships that mobile operators are developing to further their m-commerce strategies.

EmmaDaniels1960 3/15/2016 | 1:12:12 PM
Wow That was very interesting. I really enjoyed reading. Great to know someone cares.
[email protected] 2/10/2016 | 6:29:16 AM
Things have moved on from mobile banking... As they wave goodbye to vocie revenues, shouldn't all mobile operators be in the thick of these 'toenization' and 'contextual commerce' service developments?

Interesting that the new majority owner of dating app Grindr is part of the consortium that is acquiring Opera Software, which is seeing significant increases in mobile advertising revenues...

This is where the action is - mobile advertizing and mobile transactions. and carrier billing may sounds dull but, actually, it's hot. 
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