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Virtual RAN Startup Altiostar Raises $30M

Cisco-backed virtual RAN (vRAN) startup Altiostar has raised just over $30 million in equity funding, according to an SEC filing, bringing it to around $170 million in total VC funding and equity raised.

Altiostar filed a Form D notification with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week, notifying the agency that it has raised $30.4 million in financing.

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Virtualized RAN products like Altiostar's map the baseband controller functions of traditional basestations so that they can be run on "white box" servers in a central location or closer to the edge of the network. This allows operators to pool or adjust radio resources, depending on traffic. Such products are regarded as one of the starting blocks for future 5G netwoks. (See New Acronym Alert! Meet SDRAN .)

Altiostar's CEO, Ashraf Dahod, talks 5G and vRAN below:

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DanJones 10/13/2016 | 12:18:08 PM
VRAN as a big new thing in radio I wonder....
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