MEC (Mobile Edge Computing)

MEC Congress: The Key Takeaways

Three key takeaways from the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Congress in Munich, Germany.

ERANoo 9/22/2016 | 4:12:44 PM
Fully virtualized (Cloud) RAN is the enabler for Open Mobile Edge Clouds (OMEC) Thank you for this summary, could not agree more.

What will solve the issue of who may invest in the assets of IT at the edge of the mobile network and not fall into the traditional RAN vendor lock trap is moving islands at the edge of the mobile network to fully virtualized RAN in Cloud RAN architecture, with as many open mobile edge clouds (OMEC) as fiber availability allows, initially in large In-Building and Campus where digital DAS is deployed and fiber is a non-issue, moving to downtown city centers where fiber runs across the streets, and finally nationwide deployments as fiber and virtualized RAN will be the key driver for multi-RAT and end to end low latency type of mobile edge applications.

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[email protected] 9/22/2016 | 11:23:13 AM
Re: Breaking it down re IoT - great question and certainly there are a lot of people pinning their Fog hopes on IoT... we have more insight and coverage from the MEC event coming dowjn the pipe that will highlight some of the challenges esp around investment/ROI, 'ownership' and specific apps development but this is day 0 for this development. Hopefully business cases with some solid details will emerge soon.
cnwedit 9/22/2016 | 11:00:42 AM
Breaking it down I like how Ray breaks down mobile edge computing and differentiates it from Fog computing. 

As for the business case for all of this, isn't IoT going to drive much of this?
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