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SlideshowEdge Inertia Grips Telcos as Rival Interests Jockey for Position

Anthony Hopkins takes on a grisly in the 1997 Hollywood thriller The Edge while Light Reading's own Ray Le Maistre feels bearish at the MEC World Congress in Berlin.
Anthony Hopkins takes on a grisly in the 1997 Hollywood thriller The Edge while Light Reading's own Ray Le Maistre feels bearish at the MEC World Congress in Berlin.

RubiLean_123poolservice 3/23/2020 | 10:29:38 AM
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Turner N 1/21/2020 | 8:39:17 PM
Re: Do Not Disturb This is a very interesting article to look back in hindsight.


James_B_Crawshaw 9/29/2017 | 2:09:22 PM
Re: Dare or Die I don't understand your point, Hakan. Are you suggesting mobile operators in a given country should all merge? Or there should be one state-owned utility that owns telecom infrastructure and leases capacity to retailers? Regulators have got some pretty smart people working out the right level of competitive intensity in the industry to ensure investment is made AND consumers get a good deal. I think the regulators have got the balance about right and the telecom industry is just bellyaching. 
sarcher60555 9/29/2017 | 10:25:51 AM
Re: Dare or Die Isn't just better to wait for Google Project Loon balloons or Facebook Aquila Drones to hover over all the skies giving us free Interweb whenever we need it for the OTT and Angry Bird apps we love?
Hakan 9/29/2017 | 7:42:23 AM
Dare or Die Why is the constant moaning about 'we know what needs to be done but we are not stupid to do that investment as we don't know where the revenues will flow'. The truth is we pretend and happy with the status quo and playing in the sand box with other operators and pretending to compete against each other. If you ask investors/bankers it can't be that hard to make the due diligence and NPV calculation of current networks and existing CAPEX investments/ spectrum shares, merge them all under a NetCo and invest and get charged based on pay as you use and compete against eachother and most importantly against OTTs as ServCo(s). That is difficult right, more importantly requires dead wood old gurad Talkers to disappear and open space to open minded younger innovators, talent with different backgrounds to be attracted and new forms of culture and company creation. If there is a will there is way... 
mendyk 9/28/2017 | 2:11:17 PM
Do Not Disturb Truth is that most "telcos" are willing to go through a slow fade to oblivion than do any sort of massive reinvention that they'd need to do to make it past 2030. It's completely understandable. For one thing, management gets bludgeoned if margins shrink on a quarterly basis. For another, management will be safely out to pasture by that time. We are witnessing the probably irreversible decline of the telecom industry. So hang on and enjoy what remains of the ride.
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