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MWC14: DT's Leaning Tower of M2M

Deutsche Telekom's Smart City initiative is designed to bring connectivity to traffic lights, parking meters, and other city staples, starting in Pisa, Italy.

Sarah Thomas 3/6/2014 | 10:28:02 AM
Re: Scale in the city Thanks, Danny. Really good points -- I'll check out the report. Cellular is competing with WiFi, broadband, and other technologies for the connectivity method of choice, but in smart cities -- and moving parts -- cellular probably makes the most sense.
Sarah Thomas 3/6/2014 | 10:25:31 AM
Re: Average cities What would you like to see connected first in a city, if not parking and street lights?
186k 3/6/2014 | 5:21:48 AM
Average cities What does a smart city mean to you?

Mr TelcoMan..."I believe a smart city is about making a city more smarter" (what an interesting perspective!)


What are the first applications?

Mr TelcoMan..."Parking and street lights"



DannyDicks 3/6/2014 | 3:57:55 AM
Re: Scale in the city When I looked at this from a wireline perspective in a Heavy Reading Insider report last year, the opportunities were for a platform + VAS, and in particular the oportunity telcos have to make traditional capex-heavy smart city projects more opex-based (it's what telcos are good at).

The mobile operator position is similar - but there's the extra opportunity they have because lots of things in cities move around ... and the current Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and telematics considers this.
Sarah Thomas 3/5/2014 | 4:28:53 PM
Re: Scale in the city Certainly less photo opps like pretending your holding up a tower.
mendyk 3/5/2014 | 3:22:47 PM
Re: Scale in the city They could have gone with a small city in northeastern Europe, but what fun would that be?
Sarah Thomas 3/5/2014 | 2:43:10 PM
Scale in the city Pisa wouldn't be my first choice of a city to connect, but I guess it's in need with bad traffic and tourists everywhere... I think smart cities are an interesting concept from the city point of view, but I wonder what the actual ROi on it is for the operators. Just a scale game?
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