It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's C-RAN!

Here at Light Reading, it's Cloud-RAN (or C-RAN) month, and as far as the copydesk is concerned, clouds are up in the sky and that's where they should stay. But what a great excuse for a gallery of cloud photos!

Tech terms abound in our ever-changing industry, and after a while, definitions start to sound more or less like mumbo jumbo. C-RAN is "emerging as an important platform for next-generation radio access networks (RANs). Standing for both centralized RAN and cloud RAN, the C-RAN concept is based around the idea of a centralized baseband processing pool serving n number of distributed radio access nodes," our smarty-pants counterparts at Heavy Reading tell us. Got that? (See Time for Some New Acronyms for CRAN and CRAN in LTE-Advanced.)

Taking a Literal Stance
This is really what Cloud-RAN means, right?
This is really what Cloud-RAN means, right?

So if you'd like a relaxing break from all these tech terms and perplexing definitions, take a brief walk through the clouds with us by clicking the cloud above.

Eryn Leavens, Copy Desk Editor, Light Reading

MichaelG951 8/10/2015 | 1:34:47 PM
Re: C-RAN acronym contest Forgot to add: Clean-RAN, Collaberative-RAN ;-)
MichaelG951 8/10/2015 | 1:32:51 PM
C-RAN acronym contest Do an acronym contest for C-RAN

C-stands for....
  • Centralized,
  • Coordinated,
  • Cloud,
  • Converged,....
  • Any others?

Interesting to observe is regardless what you initial main driver is TCO savings vs. superior radio performance - The sizing of the baseband hotel may differ but the network architecture ends up more or less the same. You get the best results if you design for both.
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