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Rajeev Suri: You da man! (Possibly)
Rajeev Suri: You da man! (Possibly)

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Gabriel Brown 3/17/2014 | 4:20:33 PM
Re: Phone charger mayhem? Unfortunately, the EU-approved one (micro USB) looks and works like it was designed by committee.
mendyk 3/17/2014 | 2:07:24 PM
Re: Phone charger mayhem? Yes, plus it costs twice as much as an actual charger.
Sarah Thomas 3/17/2014 | 11:00:30 AM
Re: Phone charger mayhem? An additional accessory you have to buy as a workaround -- sounds about right for Apple!
MarkC73 3/15/2014 | 9:38:01 AM
Re: Phone charger mayhem? Think the EU would be okay with this?


Sorry couldn't find a non-shopping page.  This is not an advertisement!
mendyk 3/15/2014 | 9:13:52 AM
Re: Phone charger mayhem? The company that apparently shall remain nameless has a long history of walling itself off from the rest of the world -- we tend to forget that it spent more than a decade as a niche supplier of computers mainly to art directors and their fellow travelers. The return of the Prodigal One and some really good product ideas caught on with a much larger group of fanboys and girls, and the arrogance of standing alone was reinforced and will remain intact. 
R Clark 3/15/2014 | 5:44:55 AM
Working together Phone vendors should be able to work these things out among themselves without state intervention. And it seems they have, except for the usual culprit. I'm baffled as to how changing the recharge socket for the 5c benefits anyone.
Mitch Wagner 3/14/2014 | 4:42:10 PM
Re: Phone charger mayhem? There is one new phone that doesn't suppoirt micro-USB, and its name rhymes with shmyphone. 

Honestly, I'm no lassez-faire capitalist, and Apple's insistence on proprietary chargers is annoying. But this seems like a seriously bad regulation to me. It expends government resources on an insignificant problem, and it may have unanticipated negative consequences. 

The EU refers to conflicting charger standards as a "nightmare." This is just silly. It's not a nightmare; it's just mildly inconvenient.
DOShea 3/14/2014 | 12:10:58 PM
Re: Suri Yes, though there has been some improvement at NSN, there's still a ways to go before we see full proof that the turnaround worked.
Kruz 3/14/2014 | 10:42:29 AM
Re: Phone charger mayhem? It is just annoying for Iphone to remain in a closed ecoystem. That didnt work for MSFT and they should learn from that on the longer run.
Kruz 3/14/2014 | 10:38:16 AM
Suri I am curious to see what his plans will be for Nokia in times when NSN sale's are falling down.
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