What's Keeping the Lights on at BlackBerry?

It wasn't all sour grapes for BlackBerry in the third quarter, as the beleaguered handset maker reported higher revenues and a narrower loss than analysts expected.

The surprisingly positive quarter came as BlackBerry saw success with its increased focus on software, although its latest handset -- Priv, based on the Android operating system -- is apparently doing well for it too. Revenues in North America, which accounts for about half of the total, rose by 29% compared with the same quarter last year, to $275 million.

Overall in the quarter, the company reported revenue of $557 million, up from $548 million a year ago, and handily beating analyst estimates of $489 million. It reported an adjusted loss of $15 million, or three cents a share, whereas analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters projected it would lose 14 cents per share.

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen attributed the results to its strength in software and services, revenues from which rose 18% from the previous year to $162 million. He also said the Priv smartphone has been well received since its November launch and will be made available to more carriers in the coming quarters, although he didn't detail how many have been sold. (See Loss-Making BlackBerry Flags Software Gains.)

BlackBerry also completed its acquisitions of Good Technology and AtHoc in the third quarter, helping strengthen its enterprise play and build up its software story. Chen said the company would generate $500 million from software sales this year to February 2016. (See A Good Deal for BlackBerry?)

BlackBerry was trading up 11.4%, or $0.88, to $8.68 on the NASDAQ at the time of writing.

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nasimson 12/25/2015 | 4:38:58 AM
Not alive yet I won't consider Blackberry alive yet. For me it's still on ventilator. A dip in losses is not a surge in profits.
MikeP688 12/23/2015 | 4:22:34 PM
Re: Life Thank you @MendyK for your thoughts.  If I may humbly note, we will agree to disagree.   Although the essence of the technology has been in existence for about 30 Years, it is the manner in which it was done with the consumer in mind has been fascinating to be witness to.   The abuse, for instance, I have subjected my own iPhone is a testament to the vision and transformational nature that has been at hand.   I would note that Apple has a rough road ahead to at least meet the expectations of the very sceptics that you've given voice too.

Happy Holidays!!


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mendyk 12/23/2015 | 10:38:56 AM
Re: Life Yes, but "transformation" involves more than introduction of a couple of new products and upgrades. Mobile payment is not unique to Apple, although the iPhone gives it a big advantage. And the watch is going to be a minor success if that.
MikeP688 12/22/2015 | 6:38:39 PM
Re: Life Happy To:   Apple Watch; ApplePay; The Evolution of the iPad are amongst the things that comes to my mind--some may argue that some may well have been conceived during the Jobs Era--But Jobs has been gone for quite a while..and it is Tim Cook's Company now..this is as he's fought off the likes of Carl Ichan and has been at the forefront of the Social Conversation about LGBT rights. 

mendyk 12/22/2015 | 1:23:36 PM
Re: Life Can you elaborate on what you see as the Apple transformation under Tim Cook?
MikeP688 12/22/2015 | 12:05:40 PM
Re: Life I would suggest that is Apple is at 3.X due to the tranformation Tim Cook has led.   Yet, storm clouds are in the horizon--and yes although acquisitions can be the target-Remember SGI, Sun, Digital, Etc--I was reflecting upon the plight of Digital when I saw an old George Clooney/Nicole Kidman Movie, The Peacemaker whereby Digital Laptops were prominently featured--the beginning of placeholders.   Fascinating to be witness to as we see off 2015 and gearing up for 2016.....
mendyk 12/22/2015 | 11:02:18 AM
Re: Life Inevitability has different time spans. Apple 2.0 (post-Scully) is managing to keep to a fairly aggressive growth path, as have a few other Internet giants. And there are enough options -- new markets and acquisitions, to name two -- to keep to aggressive growth rates for a while. But not forever.
Kruz 12/22/2015 | 10:01:11 AM
Re: Life But this has been the case for a while now, and yet, it is managing to beat its growth rate on a yoy basis.
mendyk 12/22/2015 | 9:24:43 AM
Re: Life Kruz -- Apple's only apparent weakness right now is inevitability. The natural laws of business -- and basic logic, for that matter -- hold that growth rates slow over time and as entities get larger. When companies -- or countries -- build their success stories on their growth rates, they face a tougher reckoning when the inevitable happens.
Kruz 12/22/2015 | 8:45:24 AM
Re: Life Any company failing to innovate will face this. But regarding Apple, I would be interested in seeing where things might go wrong as I fail to see an area where they are weak, at least for now(and I'm not an Apple fan, far from that).
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