The Best Cat Selfies of 2015

The end of the year can herald a period of self-reflection. For many of us, that may involve writing resolutions for the new year and a review of days past. For our fuzzier companions, it may involve a bath and a nap.

In our technological age, it may also involve what we regrettably call a selfie. In other words, taking carefully timed, perfectly lit photos of ourselves on overpriced smartphones. Cats can take selfies too. Teach your cat to use your iPhone and deal with the consequences.

It's a New Age...
...and we are just mice in the cats' world.
...and we are just mice in the cats' world.

Add in social media and you're really in for a tailspin. At one point, apps such as Snapchat were relegated to the youngest, most attention-seeking among us. With the advent of apps like SnapCat, it's really open season for anyone looking for a bit of showing off, or you know, some catnip.

In the following pages, we've compiled a rather silly list. An homage to our feline better halves. Light Reading proudly presents to you the best catsies of 2015. Click on the super cool cat above to start the slideshow.

baznyankee 12/23/2015 | 5:05:02 PM
Owning a cat This is keeping with the old saying that "owning a cat is just one step above a goldfish."
Mitch Wagner 12/23/2015 | 1:05:51 PM
So cute!
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