Tea's Up: The IoT Is Boiling!

You knew that the Internet of Things (IoT) was going to throw up a lot of new networked devices -- both practical and impractical -- right?

Well, here's one that Kevin Ashton -- the almost certainly tea-loving British guy who originally coined the term IoT to describe a world where everything is networked -- might approve of: The iKettle, which is styled as the "world's first WiFi kettle." (See Cars, Cities & Pet Trackers: IoT in 2015.)

The kettle can be controlled via an Android or iPhone app in the home or office. It can also be set up to start boiling when you wake up, or walk in the door of your otherwise depressing domicile. You can also add other people to your network so they can brew up too.

The iKettle currently costs 84.99 in Pounds Sterling, or $126.11 in American money, which is pricey for an electric kettle. Still, can you put a price on being at the forefront of tea-making technology?

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Earlier this month, at Light Reading's Carrier Network Security Strategies conference in New York City, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s chief security officer, Ed Amoroso, laughing, asked the crowd if anyone knew where he could actually buy an Internet refrigerator. He said he'd buy one if anyone could tell him where to get one. (See AT&T's Amoroso: Build Botnets of Security.)

Well, Ed, we haven't found an Internet fridge yet, but may we suggest a good strong cuppa from the iKettle?

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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