Pics: HTC Hits NYC With a Tiny Camera & Desire

NEW YORK CITY -- HTC is attempting to jumpstart its fortunes in the device market with a new flagship smartphone, a tiny camera, and apps for both Android and iPhone users.

CEO Peter Chou told the crowd in midtown New York that this was the first part of a "reimagining" of the company, while Chairwoman Cher Wang stressed that this was just the beginning of the introductions under the Desire line.

See below for more images of the HTC "Double Exposure" launch:

Meet the HTC Desire EYE
HTC US president, Jason MacKenzie, describes this as the flagship of the Desire line.
HTC US president, Jason MacKenzie, describes this as the flagship of the Desire line.

The Desire EYE smartphone will arrive in November. AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is carrying it in the US, High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) (Taiwan: 2498) US President Jason MacKenzie tells Light Reading.

The president stressed during the presentation that the RE camera isn't a GoPro rival but a fast point-and-shoot for "the rest of us." The periscope-like camera initially connects to an Android or iPhone via Bluetooth but then sends the picture data via WiFi Direct. A single click on the RE takes a picture; holding down the button puts it in HD video mode.

HTC's executive director of portfolio strategy, Nigel Newby-House, tells us that the RE has a 16-megapixel wide-angle camera. It ships with an 8GB micro SD card but can be expanded up to 128GB. It can take 1080 or 720 HD video. The RE will be out at the end of October at $199.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 10/9/2014 | 2:00:08 PM
HTC: Not Television fans, then... Being as a this was an NYC event, I thought the name, Double Exposure, might refer to the old Television song. Guess not.
R Clark 10/9/2014 | 10:47:57 PM
Re: HTC: Not Television fans, then... Probably as much connection to Television as the Desire range has to Bob Dylan.

If HTC did permeate its products with random pop culture references that would be a lot more of a cool 'reimagining' than a selfie camera.

danielcawrey 10/10/2014 | 2:07:32 PM
Re: HTC: Not Television fans, then... The camera seems like a "me-too" type of product. GoPro has been around and dominating the action cam space for sometime.

Why doesn't HTC try to come up with something that is compelling and brand new? This has been their problem: They piggyback off of existing technology ideas rather than truly innovating. 
kq4ym 10/10/2014 | 3:42:35 PM
Re: HTC: Not Television fans, then... I too don't get it. Although a GoPro is lots more expensive, this one just does not seem to me to offer anything of substance that is a must have for anyone. I have to admit thought they'll get some free PR just because it something "new."
nasimson 10/11/2014 | 12:25:57 AM
Extra thing in the pocket I have seen some pics of that camera in action. Underwater and on the ground. It seems like an extra gadget to carry. I'm content using the camera of my phone even if it offers only 80% of the functionality.
Kruz 10/22/2014 | 2:16:04 AM
Re: HTC: Not Television fans, then... I agree. Instead, they could focus on becoming a niche player with innovative offering. Nokia had the best cam on a phone it now stopped producing.
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