OrbTV: MWC Device Recap

Light Reading Mobile Editor Dan Jones joins us in the studio for a recap of his favorite devices and consumer products from MWC.

kq4ym 3/14/2017 | 8:47:58 AM
Re: Great hat, Dan! Yes, those Motorola phones at least from seeing the TV ads, seems just a bit clunky and who wants to carry around accessories and lenses? But, maybe the devices are now going for a "cool" look to get to sales. Until there's a real breakthrough in price or convenience I don't see much I'd invest in quite yet.
Kelsey Ziser 3/2/2017 | 3:16:23 PM
Great hat, Dan! Good advice from Dan that consumers need to be diligent about knowing "what's under the hood" when buying a new phone. Enjoyed seeing a range of phones in the video; I agree with the Dan that the Moto Convertible is too bulky and I could also imagine misplacing some of the attachments. Also was interesting to hear from Dan that there's a more symbiotic relationship between manfacturers and service providers in developing new phones. BTW, love the hat, Dan!
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