LR Poll: Readers Say Hit the Road, Headphone Jack!

Light Reading readers can be a perverse bunch sometimes, as can be seen with our most recent poll about the new iPhone 7.

Media pundits and possible customers alike have been kvetching about the most notable feature missing from the iPhone 7, which will hit the streets this Friday, all across social media. The newest iPhone doesn't have a dedicated headphone jack. Instead, the device will come bundled with earbuds that plug into the Lightning interface, or you can spring $156 for wireless AirPods.

Yet 46 of the 147 respondents to our poll, which asked What Do You Want From the iPhone 7?, opted for "Duh! No headphone jack of course! So that all my headphones are suddenly obsolete." In effect, then, more than 30% of you were hoping for a new headphone interface on the new iPhone.

Forty of you, meanwhile, were hoping for Apple to exploit LTE-Advanced technology as much as possible, which seems to have happened. (See Apple iPhone 7 Rides LTE-A Speed Curve to 450 Mbit/s.)

Voting dropped off drastically after that: 16 people were hoping for tighter integration with the Siri personal assitant, 14 were expecting a faster processor. Almost no-one thought a bigger screen was a good idea. (See iPhone 7 Slogan Translates to 'Penis' in Hong Kong – Report.)

So why did you vote for the most reviled aspect of the new iPhone. Do you simply think we can't stop the march to unwiring even the most humble phone accessory? Or maybe you all own stock in wireless headphone makers?

Explain yourself in the comments below!

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 9/14/2016 | 11:05:58 AM
Re: The wireless factor... more costly for consumers? Of course! How often do you lose headphones? Gonna be great for Apple and other accessory makers.
[email protected] 9/13/2016 | 10:57:03 AM
The wireless factor... more costly for consumers? Wireless would be MOSTLY better if it can maintain good audio quality but it also increases the likelihood of losing the earpieces and having to spend more money on replacements... could it be as much a cynical marketing move as anything else? 
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