Huawei's Springboard Into the US?

SAN DIEGO -- CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011 -- Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is really jazzed about its new Springboard tablet for T-Mobile US Inc. , which is slated to be out before the end of the year.

Talking at a press conference here Tuesday, James Jiang, EVP of products and marketing for Huawei Device, said that the tablet will be the first seven-inch Android device to support version 3.2 of the Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) operating system. He also promised that it will be lighter than previous Huawei tablets with better battery consumption.

One thing that Huawei remained coy on is the expected price of the Springboard, deferring to T-Mobile about what "affordable" might mean. "The answer to affordable is, you will be impressed," teased Bill Plummer, VP of external affairs for Huawei.

The tablet is -- ahem -- just one springboard for Huawei into the U.S. market, however. The company wants to be number five stateside within the next three years.

"It's safe to say we’re in the top ten now," Plummer told his audience.

The move up will involve targeting the mass-market smartphone segment in the U.S., specifically users who are currently "locked into buying feature phones," Plummer says.

Android is key in these plans now, but Jiang said that the company is also looking at other operating systems. He couldn't reveal which ones yet though.

Don't expect Huawei to be in the vanguard with Long Term Evolution (LTE) phones in the U.S., either. Jiang said there were no plans for 4G handsets this year, although they would be available "for sure" in 2012.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

Michelle Donegan 12/5/2012 | 4:51:25 PM
re: Huawei's Springboard Into the US?

While Huawei's making some headway on devices in the US market, it is still not getting a break from the US government when it comes to infrastructure busines...



[email protected] 12/5/2012 | 4:51:24 PM
re: Huawei's Springboard Into the US?

With Apple having proven that Jo Public will pay and pay again for a quality product at $499 let us hope that the Springboard is not launching Huawei and other manufacturers including Apple into an empty pool.

If the product is good and does "what it says on the tin" there is a very large gap between the current expected and accepted pricing to the new level the Springboard is diving to. If not it will just hit the deep end and stay there.

For Jo Public to benefit in the long term, manufacturers need to make money to pay for development. Apple have a very large "War Chest" for one reason, they ask customers to pay for a product and set a pricing level that will give the company a return to enable this, we the customer have the choice and as can be seen many have put their money where their mouth is. If the pricing level is then set at 50% of the present cost who ultimately wins, I do not believe it will be the customer.

Development and innovaton cost money, everyone needs to make a profit for this to happen. if the product is good, cutting the cost by more than 50% is not good news for anyone.  

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