Euronews: Jolla Claims a Sailfish Sellout

Also in today's EMEA roundup: Rostelecom sees profits slip; BT lands pharmaceuticals IP Connect gig; Austrians and their apps.

  • Jolla , the Finnish handset vendor set up by former Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) staffers, has announced that the first production batch of its phones, which are based on the Sailfish operating system, has been "fully booked by consumers and selected sales channels." Sailfish is a development of MeeGo, the Linux-based OS that was scrapped by Nokia as it decided to go down the Windows Phone OS route. Jolla says the phones will begin shipping in Europe by the end of the year. (See Euronews: Jolla Unveils First Smartphone, 5 Challengers to Apple & Android, and Jolla to Take on Apple & Android With OS Launch.)

  • Russian operator Rostelecom saw its second-quarter profits fall 3 percent year-on-year to 7.3 billion roubles (US$221 million), a slip it attributed to a number of factors, including the cost of building up its 3G network and a difference in the way in which its investments in Svyazinvest are reported. (See Euronews: Rostelecom Sharpens Mobile Focus.)

  • BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA) has landed a five-year contract with Phoenix, a European pharmaceutical wholesaler, to connect company sites in 23 countries through its IP Connect service. The project will link Phoenix's datacenters in Nuremberg, Germany, with its subsidiaries across Europe. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

  • Apps are on the march in Austria: A survey carried out for Telekom Austria AG (NYSE: TKA; Vienna: TKA) subsidiary A1 found that half of all the country's smartphone users are now making use of the apps available to them, a doubling of the numbers since 2011. Facebook and Whatsapp were the two most highly prized timewasters.

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • Sarah Thomas 8/22/2013 | 1:19:34 PM
    Re: Jolla / Sailfish I'm interested in it as well. I think it'll have a hard time competing as a new entrant in a crowded, well-established space, but it could carve out a niche for itself. How did you find the Maemo OS, Gabriel? Anything to set it apart from the pack? 
    Sarah Thomas 8/22/2013 | 1:14:08 PM
    Re: Austrians and their apps Woah, Carol, I don't know what you're using the Internet for :), but I was thinking "safe to make online purchases or safe from spam. Either way, not always true....but seems like a strange question. Maybe that's why they're using apps more; the rest don't trust the wild, wild west of the web?
    Carol Wilson 8/22/2013 | 11:49:01 AM
    Re: Austrians and their apps A safe place for what? To share your deepest, darkest secrets via Facebook? To find a life partner? To find a date without your life partner finding out?
    PaulERainford 8/22/2013 | 11:17:01 AM
    Austrians and their apps The same survey said that 1% of Austrians surveyed thought the Internet was a "safe place". Is this a different Internet to the one the rest of us are using?
    Gabriel Brown 8/22/2013 | 11:14:39 AM
    Jolla / Sailfish I'd actually like to try a Jolla handset, having used Maemo (which I think Jolla came from) a few years back.
    mendyk 8/22/2013 | 10:29:26 AM
    No, You Didn't Apps are on the march in Austria -- brilliant.
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