BT Unveils a Home Smartphone

LONDON -- Families can now enjoy all the functions of an easy-to-use touchscreen smartphone, including email, Facebook and online browsing on their home phone. The new Home SmartPhone S comes with BT’s unique Nuisance Call Blocking technology, which allows users to block up to 80 per cent of unwanted calls. This follows the huge popularity of the best selling BT6500, which was BT’s first landline phone to block nuisance callers.

This stylish handset gives all of the family access to the internet without having to wait for a computer to boot up. Customers will be able to link up to their home wi-fi and keep themselves up to date and entertained with Twitter, YouTube and Tune-In Radio. They can choose to download games, tools and loads more apps through the Opera apps store.

Customers will have instant access to a browser to quickly find whatever they want wherever they are in the house, making it easy to answer their emails in the garden, or look up recipes in the kitchen. It’s also easy to call straight from selected numbers on websites, saving the need for dialling or jotting numbers down.

The Home SmartPhone S comes with a 2GB expandable memory which means it can store everyone’s favourite music to play all around the house with the music and video player. The front facing camera is handy for taking photos around the home, or going online to make video calls so they can see as well as hear their friends.

BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA)

Susan Fourtané 2/7/2014 | 2:53:14 AM
Re: What for? Kruz, 

"How frequently do you guys still use your landline anyways? I personnally don't use it anymore, except for keeping my dsl connexion alive."

I haven't had a lineline for years. I don't even need one for my WiFi connection. They are obsolete already. I don't understand this move from BT. 

Susan Fourtané 2/7/2014 | 2:16:02 AM
Re: What for? Kruz, 

This smart landline phone is as unnecessary as it can be. Starting from the fact that is a landline, which are closer to joining the dinosaurs that not. 

And then the investment you mention. 

Kruz 2/6/2014 | 8:49:45 AM
Re: What for? How frequently do you guys still use your landline anyways? I personnally don't use it anymore, except for keeping my dsl connexion alive.

I just read about Emailer; it must have been a bad experience having ads where you don't want it to be.
gk998 2/6/2014 | 8:18:33 AM
Re: What for? Did BT not learn anything from Amstrad's E-Mailer flop?

Kruz 2/6/2014 | 7:43:47 AM
Re: What for? And who is bearing the cost of the upgrade to this smart landline phone? I beleive some investements have been made and will need to be justified.
Susan Fourtané 2/6/2014 | 7:31:57 AM
Re: What for? Kruz, 

Exactly. No, there is no real need for that. Except that the company knows that the time for landlines has come to an end and this is one way of making some sales. Some curious people might want to have a toy like this in their home. 

Now, if you are going to block up 80% of the incoming calls, why do you need a phone at home in the first place? 

I don't see this taking off at all. 

Kruz 2/6/2014 | 2:07:53 AM
What for? Is there a real need for that in times where phablets and tablets have highly penetrated the market and are super handy?
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