AT&T in NYC: Opening Up Orange

The first thing that strikes you as you walk into AT&T's latest store of the future on 57th Street in New York is just how orange everything is. It's just one of the new aspects of AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s attempt to redesign its stores to draw customers in and get them to do more than just buy a smartphone.

"It's our brand," Steve Hodges, AT&T's Northeast regional president, told us. Customers need only see an orange awning to recognize an AT&T store.

Rather than the boxy city stores that are common these days, AT&T has tried to go with a "kitchen table" feel that encourages people to come in and try smartphones, tablets, and accessories and learn about service offerings. Hodges said getting rid of cash registers -- the operators use a mobile point-of-sale system -- and all the paper leaflets and bills has helped that open feel.

See what you think. Click the image below to start our slideshow on the new store format.

4G Fantasia
Time to get your gadget nerd on.
Time to get your gadget nerd on.

Hodges said AT&T now has 13 stores nationwide based on the new template. He expects a few more to open in NYC next year.

The 57th Street store is now open -- just in time for the shopping hordes of Black Friday.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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DanJones 11/30/2013 | 10:27:27 PM
Re: Black Friday Also, just remembered that terrible band, Puddle of Mudd, and "Blood on the Table." So thanks for that!!!
DanJones 11/30/2013 | 10:20:02 PM
Re: Black Friday Would work with the orange theme though :-)

Maybe they had leftover turkey sandwiches for Black Friday?
DOShea 11/30/2013 | 10:12:20 PM
Re: Black Friday Yes, blood on AT&T's "kitchen table" would not be a pretty sight.
DanJones 11/29/2013 | 3:00:36 PM
Black Friday Was tempted to take a look how this was holiding up on Black Friday but all the tweets about fights at Wal_Mart gave me pause. :-)
DanJones 11/28/2013 | 6:30:46 PM
Re: Big Blue? Yeah, lord knows, mobile carriers need to win all the green points they can by going paperless since the phones are so much landfill.
milan03 11/28/2013 | 6:24:13 PM
Re: Big Blue? That's actually a good point
milan03 11/28/2013 | 6:23:56 PM
Re: Big Blue? Ah that's very exciting to see. Handheld registers are so much more efficient, customers can be taken care of anywhere on the sales floor.
DanJones 11/27/2013 | 6:29:16 PM
Re: Big Blue? Nah, Googlerola is a state of mind, people.
MordyK 11/27/2013 | 6:16:23 PM
Re: Big Blue? That it is!
Liz Greenberg 11/27/2013 | 4:09:35 PM
Re: Big Blue? Mordy, I believe a Googlerola is a barge on the SF Bay!  Current color...bland!
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