5 Things to Spend $99 on Instead of an iPhone 5C

Sure, you've got $100 clutched in your sweaty palms just waiting for the iPhone 5C to go on sale next Friday -- but do you really need the latest from Tim Cook & Co.?

It's true the 5C has a cool camera, and its pretty cheap, as long as you get it with a contract. Oh yeah, and all those different color cases -- who hasn't always wanted a pink plastic iPhone?

But do you really want to deal with the crowds? Or losing the cool colored case on the way home? Or, hey, did that guy just swipe my new iPhone?

Who needs the aggravation, right? That's why your pals at Light Reading have put together a handy list of the other stuff you might spend $99 on instead.

Click on the image below for inspiration:

25 Coffees
Even with New York prices, it should be easy to get a buzz with the money you save.
Even with New York prices, it should be easy to get a buzz with the money you save.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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DanJones 9/18/2013 | 11:55:55 AM
Re: $100 or less Let us know how that goes, most of the people in the poll seem to be eyeing the 5S.
pzernik 9/17/2013 | 2:32:52 PM
Re: $100 or less I'm going for the 5C.  But to those who are buying the 5S, well just double your favorite itme on the list, or mix-and-match!
DanJones 9/16/2013 | 1:39:59 PM
Re: More colors There are bound to be more on the way.
sam masud 9/16/2013 | 1:17:16 PM
More colors If they offer one in puce or charteuse, I'll buy one--or two, maybe.
TeleWRTRLiz 9/16/2013 | 12:38:08 PM
Re: dolphin kissing I heard that they have already banned hoodies and bandanas in schools.
DanJones 9/13/2013 | 3:08:46 PM
Re: Wow, those dolphins work cheap Or visit Scotland and swim with the basking sharks for free! Oh yeah, did I mention the freezing water?
Carol Wilson 9/13/2013 | 3:01:00 PM
Wow, those dolphins work cheap It used to cost $250 to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove. Apparently even dolphins are willing to work for less in this tough economy. Maybe that's why they're joining gangs. 
mendyk 9/13/2013 | 2:13:19 PM
Sweet ride The Human Slingshot. $74.99 at SkyMall. Enough left over for a fifth of Gordon's to enhance the experience.
Liz Greenberg 9/13/2013 | 1:57:00 PM
Re: Beer A really nice bottle of wine? port? your favorite thing to imbibe?  tickets to a losing team's baseball game?  many choices...
DOShea 9/13/2013 | 12:43:11 PM
Beer Just a lot of beer...
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