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Trump Trashes EU's $5B Google Fine

President Trump has attacked the European Union for the $5 billion fine it has slapped on US tech giant Google this week.

Trump took to Twitter (surprise!) to attack the EU and praise Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) on Thursday morning:

The EU accuses Google of using Android -- the mobile operating system in over 80% of the world's smartphones -- to cement the dominance of its Chrome browser, cutting app bundling deals with phone vendors. (See Google Facing 'Multi-Billion Fine' From EU Over Android – Reports and Eurobites: EU Socks Google With $5B Monster-Fine for Android Control-Freakery.)

Trump's "I told you so!" appears to reference his accusation last Sunday that the EU is an economic "foe." It is not clear, however, from the tweet, what actions the Trump administration might take against the fine.

Google has already said it will appeal the fine.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

Phil_Britt 7/23/2018 | 2:56:39 PM
Re: Where's a Bezos fine when you need it? Many of the tweets are nothing more than bluster. He's just keeping his name out there, even when a tweet one day is the opposite of one another day (would=wouldn't?).

DanJones 7/19/2018 | 8:37:10 PM
Re: EU and Google Are the DoJ antitrust officials elected? Not as far as I know.
smartedge 7/19/2018 | 4:58:56 PM
EU and Google The EU folks in Brussels behave like dictators and many of their rulings are arbitrary. Typically, its a bunch of bureaucrats led by a commissioner sitting in a fancy office in Brussels who decides these fines. It is not a democratic system.

For example, if they are fining Google for bundling chrome browser with Android, how about imposing a fine on Apple for bundling the safari browser on iphones?
DanJones 7/19/2018 | 2:52:13 PM
Re: Where's a Bezos fine when you need it? Well what does that actually mean? They get saved for the eventual presidential library. He's not a king, these aren't some kind of royal proclamations.
macemoneta 7/19/2018 | 1:17:43 PM
Re: Where's a Bezos fine when you need it? According to the DOJ, Trump's tweets are official statements of the president:

iainmorris 7/19/2018 | 12:18:36 PM
Re: Where's a Bezos fine when you need it? No, it's just a platform for his obnoxious, contradictory statements.
DanJones 7/19/2018 | 12:13:28 PM
Re: Where's a Bezos fine when you need it? Well Twitter isn't policy, or an executive order, so we'll see if this actually amounts to anything.
iainmorris 7/19/2018 | 12:08:11 PM
Where's a Bezos fine when you need it? Trump would no doubt have been much happier with an Amazon fine. The EU wouldn't have seemed quite as bad then.

Funny that Trump is now describing Google as one of America's "great companies." They might be on the same page on this issue, but you cannot envisage someone like Sergey Brin, an outspoken critic of Trump's immigration policy, ever describing Trump as one of America's great presidents.
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