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OS Watch: Windows Phone Races for the Bronze

Windows Phone isn’t doing as well as Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) hoped, but it’s still doing better than BlackBerry 's as we look at operating-system headlines this week.

  • Microsoft can still take third: Microsoft is aiming for the top -- or at least the top three. Speaking at its annual financial analyst meeting, CEO Steve Ballmer told attendees that Windows Phone sales were not as high as he hoped in its first year, but that he’s optimistic that it could still be the third mobile ecosystem, meaning behind Android and iOS in the market. (See AT&T Champions Windows Phone .)

    "I think with a little bit more effort, a little bit more energy, the level of enthusiasm from the customer base is high enough we've just got to kick this thing to the next level,” Ballmer said, according to The Register. “And I think we're in absolute good shape in order to be a very strong third ecosystem in the smartphone world.”

  • RIM stock takes a plunge: One thing Microsoft has going for it is, it’s not RIM. Coming off a dismal second-quarter, the BlackBerry maker tried to talk up its success with its latest smartphone launch and plans for its tablet and QNX revival, but industry analysts weren’t buying it. RIM’s stock is down 20 percent his morning, but down a full 66 percent from their highest point in February. An audible, collective sigh was heard all across Wall Street during RIM’s earnings call Thursday. (See RIM's Q2 Profit Falls on Weak Shipments and RIM Plans a Q3 PlayBook Revival .)

  • Shareholder sues HP over webOS failure: BlackBerry’s future is uncertain, but -- hey -- at least RIM didn’t kill it! HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) is being sued by its shareholders for shutting down webOS, according to Reuters. HP shareholder Richard Gammell filed a class-action lawsuit against HP, claiming that the company didn’t keep its shareholders apprised of its floundering business model, thus falsely inflating its share price. (See HP Shuts Down WebOS Device Biz.)

  • HTC won’t be rushed into OS ownership: All of these ailing OSs could be potential candidates for purchase by High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) (Taiwan: 2498), but don’t expect the Korean handset maker to make a decision anytime soon. Chairwoman Cher Wang told a Taiwanese news outlet that it has discussed purchasing an OS internally, but won’t do it on impulse. HP’s webOS could the most likely candidate, but others have pegged MeeGo as another option for HTC.

    — Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

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